What is Palmtreestories


Palmtreestories.com is a new concept, where the worlds travellers can exchange stories and experiences. The intention is to inspiring each other. Because why not listen to your fellow travellers and know where to go next time? Everyone is welcome, because vice versa is there a high possibility that you know your own city or country better than a visitor from the other side of the world. So why not let them know, what to see and where to go? Hey, maybe you even find new places to visit in your own country or city!




Sounds amazing, very interesting but where to start?

We're still in our developing fase but subscribe and we will let you know. We promise not to spam your email account. We have no intention of doing that, because we really want you on board. You can even insert an URL address to one of your favorite travelling photo and we will put it on our sliding show at our front page with a reference to your Instagram account. We can also be found at Instagram, username: Palmtreestories.com Then we can already start inspiring of places, which maybe could end up on someone's bucket list. But please do us a favor -  please focus on the content of your photo, we really like travel photos, where you actually can see places :)





Fantastic, sign me up, but can I do even more to help with starting process?

Woaw! Thanks, you're real champ! Well, you're already helping by signing up & it's more than enough. It's awesome that you like our concept and welcome onboard. If you really insist, then you're always welcome to give a tip through our donation button. But, we're speechless, you're like really an amazing travel friend. A donation will have this getting from idea to reality both faster & better. Thank you!